Folk Festival

One of our main focuses was to try to help Sidmouth Folk Festival become as plastic free as possible. Glastonbury have a very informative website about what could be achieved for festivals, [] and there are lots of ideas about what to do. What I’m learning is that some changes are impossible to be made Read more about Folk Festival[…]

Trip to Exeter Energy From Waste Facility April 24 2018

Some of the Warriors joined up with Sid Energy (thanks to Graham for organising) and a few other interested parties to have a tour around the Exeter Energy From Waste Facility in Marsh Barton yesterday. I must admit I went along with the same feeling I did when I visited Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station Read more about Trip to Exeter Energy From Waste Facility April 24 2018[…]

Public Meeting February 22nd 2018

Robert Crick and Jeremy Woodward kindly arranged and coordinated the public meeting held at the Leigh Brown Hall (Unitarian Church) at 7pm on Feb 22nd. It was very well attended and encouraged lively debate about which directions we should go in. Everybody got to speak and say what they thought, and we then consolidated all Read more about Public Meeting February 22nd 2018[…]

Catchup 1: Starting up Sidmouth Plastic Warriors

This is my first post for the page but it is late – I am doing a few catchups just to get the blog started. A little introduction to our group is needed. I am Denise, now the Chair, but originally just me, picking up rubbish either on my own or with my family (husband Read more about Catchup 1: Starting up Sidmouth Plastic Warriors[…]