March 3, 2018


Any money received will be spent purely on improving Sidmouth, either by buying more equipment or by promoting our cause with leaflets/business cards etc, or any other ideas we come up with a a committee. Any donations are very very gratefully received and we will stretch the money out as far as it will go!

(Cheques can be made out to Sidmouth Plastic Warriors – email here for an address! Thank you so much)

So far we have received:
• £300 from Gregg’s Foundation, which has been spent mainly on litter pickers and bag hoops. We also ordered some business cards which will be taken round to businesses in September 18.

• £600 then another £300 from Waitrose’s green token fund

• £1900 from CoOp Community Fund!

Aside from the most recentCoOp donation, all the money has gone towards equipment for the group and website costs (which now includes having to buy a SSL Certificate adding to the cost). The CoOp donation has so far funded 10 butt bins which we are giving to local businesses to put in prominent positions on their public facing walls. Two have gone to The Black Horse, one to The Balfour and one to The Co-Op. each feature a poster with a bit of information about cigarette waste damage to the environment. If you know anyone who would like one, email us – they just need a suitable wall, permission to put it up, and preferably the ability to empty it regularly.

If you are able to help foundraise, donate, or any other way, please email and let us know.