August 27, 2018

Adopt A Spot

This is a new idea (August 2018) for us; if you can spare a few minutes each week or fortnight to just tidy your local area, we think it would make a huge difference. Email to let me know which area and I’ll add it to our map! No pressure, no commitment, just a way of covering a large area by dividing it up into little bits!

I just need to do a safety briefing: this is entirely at your own undertaking and you are not insured so please DON’T TAKE ANY RISKS! Do not adopt roads over 30mph, and take care around all traffic. Don’t pick up anything sharp, or hazardous, and if you see any areas that are used for fly tipping or dog poo dumping please report them. (Just checking the contact details…Streetscene? Dog Warden… will post numbers as soon as I get them confirmed Denise 6th Nov) Importantly please do let us know how you are getting on, and take pictures when you’ve got a particularly big haul, or indeed if you don’t get anything and feel that the situation is improving.

Together we can cover the whole town and surrounding areas and make it as beautiful and healthy as it deserves to be. I firmly believe that litter breeds litter…let’s see if that’s right.