SPW Email to relaunch Adopt A Spot

Dear Warriors
As we approach the New Year, the Warriors team have had a burst of energy and are ready to pick things up again. It has been quite a year for me personally with lots of injuries and ill health but I’m back! I’m sure we’ve all noticed that things are a bit of a mess again and we are needed, yes for picking up the rubbish and drawing attention to the huge waste of resources generated by single use plastic, but also to inspire others to get up and join in. So I hope that as we start 2024 you might join us in feeling like it’s time to start again? (or carry on if you’ve been doing litter picks all along! Well done if you have!)
I did my first one in ages a week ago and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it – being out in the fresh air, getting into the rhythm of it, and seeing the benefit of it to my own mental health when everywhere looks so much nicer. And how many people say a little thanks too – it does make it so nice and who knows how many people it inspires (or at least plants a seed).
So, down to business. The first thing we are relaunching is the Adopt A Spot map (information here –  Adopt A Spot – Sidmouth Plastic Warriors). Could we ask you to take a couple of minutes to have a think if you can ‘adopt’ a tiny area, then complete the form here https://forms.gle/he25g9UkdJuvLYDSA to give us a clear picture? It is very short, honestly! Please don’t take on very much – we know from experience that if you overpromise, you are likely to get fed up with it very fast, but if a hundred of us do a small area we can keep it looking awesome. Remember that rubbish breeds rubbish, it’s a scientific fact, so if an area looks cared for people are less likely to drop their rubbish there.
Adopt A Spot has been sadly neglected so we are rebooting it – please share with anyone you think might want to be added and let’s cover the map! Adopt A Spot – Sidmouth Plastic Warriors
Thank you so much, and happy 2024 – hope to see you all soon. If you are able to join in more actively and want to help organise some beach cleans or get involved in other ways, please do get in touch, either by replying on this email address or info@sidmouthplasticwarriors.org (which I hadn’t realised I wasn’t monitoring – again, sorry for the rubbishness for the past year!) We are also now on the app Slack to coordinate ourselves better so if you want to join in on there send me a message and I will send you the link.

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