Beach Clean – Sidmouth 23rd February 2019

Thank you, you beauties! About 75 people collected 4 full non-recyclable bags and 1 each of glass, plastic and tins.

The usual suspects were found: fishing wire, tampon applicators, fruit shoot lids and plastic shotgun casings plus loads of parcel wrappings (the stiff plastic type) and cable ties. And the interesting bottle in the photos seems to have come from California with some unusual mussels attached, any marine biologists available? [These turned out to be Goose Barnacles – and unfortunately the bottle did not float over from California but is available on the internet here, boo]

Sadly no shoes this time though.

Thank you everyone for your support as ever – including Jason Donovan! (Shame superfan Cheryl [lol] and I didn’t get to meet him – we would have been very excited to but had our hands deep in drains at the time 🙁 Boo, maybe next time!)

Following on from this beach clean we had a lovely lady who asked about an older friend of hers who couldn’t help physically but wanted to give us a donation. She has since very kindly given us £100 through this website’s PayPal function and I have just ordered another 15 litter pickers! Thank you so much x

While I’m talking about kindness, don’t suppose anyone has a lock up garage near the beach I could use, let me know, thank you!! My garage is a long way from the beach and is quite full!


ps this month’s featured image is of course the same as January’s – we didn’t take any group pictures!!!

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