April 3, 2019


9th May 2019

Well it’s all over – and I did it! I am now an EDDC Councillor for Sidmouth Town ward, and a Sidmouth Town Councillor for Sidmouth South Ward! It is all change at the council but nothing is sorted out yet regarding how it will be run – the new councillors including myself are in a period of learning everything we can about how it works. It’s a bit of a steep learning curve. I am so excited because climate change and the climate crisis appears to be top of everyone’s list to address, and I want to be a part of that. Will keep you posted.

3rd April 2019, eve of Nominations Announcements

After a couple of years of doing these beach cleans, and repping for Surfers Against Sewage, I’ve got to know a bit about how the council works – and I have to say, some of it I don’t like. I don’t like the party politics involved in decision making processes. It seems to me that if Party A come up with an amazingly fantastic idea, Party B will vote against it or dilute it just out of spite and misplaced principles. I would have thought that if everybody was acting in the interests of the common good and their constituents then a good idea would remain a good idea, irrespective of who came up with it.

I decided to stand with East Devon Alliance of Independents because I have no clue how to go about all the mechanics of council, so I have been reliant on their fantastic help. I will not be told how to vote, but I still have the backing of independent minds who think in similar ways to me, whilst remaining completely different in other ways. Yes technically we are a political party, registered as such, but really that is just because we have to be in order to have EDA and our logo on the ballot paper and be recognised together. There is no ‘party whip’, no old school tie network etc. It is very refreshing.

I am running for Sidmouth Town ward for EDDC, and Sidmouth South ward for Sidmouth Town Council (could that be any more confusing) mainly because the beach is there. As that is the main reason I am running in the first place, it seems only right that I should pick those wards (even though I live in Sidford/Primley ward myself – I will be voting for Marianne Rixson and Dawn Manley, my excellent councillors, as well as some fantastic new faces for Sidmouth Town Council). For the Town Council, there are no party politics – everyone is independent so I am not with EDA for them. However there are quite a few people that we have roped in to standing because we believe in democracy, and it’s time to have elections for as many seats as possible (out of the 19). There are several wonderful strong women now standing, to change the balance a bit, as well as a few new brilliant men, and if we all get elected we think we can do a really good job of maximising the narrow remit and power the Town Council holds.

Further updates/ramblings to follow 🙂